Personalized Celebrations of Life Memorials, Digital Legacies, 

Green Burials and Living Memorials.  

Inremember is a funeral event planning and production company that helps to celebrate the story of loved one’s lives, end of life planning, honoring final wishes, conservation burials, and the process of shared grief through celebration. 

Live, Hybrid, or Virtual Celebrations: we specialize in helping families and friends create highly personalized and unique tributes and memorials that can happen anywhere and anytime. 

Our deepest desire is to inspire our families to create sacred spaces of gratitude, healing, and love through new and creative rituals that are beautiful, Eco-conscientious, and as unique as the person who’s life and story needs to be told and celebrated. 


When do you need Inremember: 

 25 years of


There's a global movement where families are taking control of after-death care and moving away from industry-led and standardized funerals and services. 


With or without time-honored rituals of faith and working with or without a funeral director or celebrant, we provide the foundation, blueprint, support, and resources needed for families to create meaningful and compassionate storytelling without rules judgment.

Simply put, we provide alternatives and solutions most families never knew existed before. 

how to begin

The first step is always the hardest. Give us a call for some ideas on next steps.  

What we do

Here's  where you can find out what our services are and what we do.  

In memory of your loved one,

100 trees will be planted

where they are needed

the most. 


From venues to caterers to celebrants. Books, links, and so much more.  

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