The Creative Process of Loss

"The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself."
Alan Alda, actor

As funeral event planners and producers, Inremember occupies the space between religious houses of worship and funeral homes best described as a 'third place' that, for many, never knew existed. It is a place where bereaved families are allowed, without judgment or rules, to create a tribute gathering with friends, family, and colleagues, that honors final wishes. 

We understand the importance of grief, honoring and creating a lasting legacy while helping you tell the incredible story of your loved one's life through audio-video and event technology. We can also help you create a digital legacy that lives on the cloud for future generations. Anything is possible.   

We take the time to understand your requirements, and listen carefully to your needs so we can provide personalized and flexible recommendations, based on your requirements and budget.


Please take a look at our new Products Page with new and helpful products being added weekly that fit in line with our values and perhaps your values too. We can also help you find what you're looking for on our Resources Page. 

We know how much energy it takes to pull together such a gathering at the worst of all possible times. Inremember has the expertise and experience to help families create sacred spaces anywhere, do a lot of the heavy lifting, and run a flawless and memorable event. You're here because you want a different standard. 

You've probably already have worked with a funeral home director on the after death disposition of your loved one's remains. But when it comes to creating personalized celebrations of life, they simply don't have the time, creativity, resources, and experience to make final wishes come true at the level you probably want. Anything you can imagine, we can probably do. Our specialty is to help our family clients plan for 'off-site' celebrations of life that can happen anywhere; on a beach, on a farm or in a barn, botanical garden, historical site, woods, or on a mountain top. 

Family owned and operated since 1997, our place is to listen, be mindful and respectful to your grief, and to hopefully provide all the resources and solutions in one affordable place without pressure.

Helping families create sacred

spaces of gratitude and love. 



We believe in challenging our traditional and transactional industry-led funerals that leave little room for meaningful family involvement. And we believe in the awesomeness of life and celebrating a legacy. Inremember is part of a fast-growing movement that is empowering families to take back mortality from a culture of old traditions designed to keep death at a distance. We believe in personalization and choice where each celebration is not standardized but unique and more life-centered around the person's personality, likes, and dislikes. And we respect those who don't have a faith family and seek alternative ways to help others through times of loss and grief through imaginative and meaningful new rituals without rules. At our core, we are an experienced special events professionals orchestrating memorials full of detail and experience while helping you create a sacred space anywhere and with no limitations. This approach makes us very unique. Welcome to Inremember. 

Personalized celebration memorials through sound and images

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Inremember is a service division of Potomac Talent, LLC. We are not a Funeral Service or Burial Service. We are a Special Event Service. 

We are also proud members of the National Audubon Society. We are a green business and active award winning community volunteers. 

Photo credits for several of the home page slide show - Eric Cathcart and Michael G. Stewart 

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