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How to begin


You're probably here because someone you love has recently passed away. We want to start by saying how sorry we are, and offer our sincerest condolences. Hopefully, you've had a chance to look at 'What we do' to see if we are any kind of fit. We also encourage you to call us at 202-957-4447 as soon as possible to know if we are available and to have a chat to get to know you and learn how we can help.


Let us know if you’re preplanning a celebration as a caregiver, Health Care Agent, or even perhaps for your own final bow and wishes. Speaking of planning, is a very affordable advance directive document designed to help people and families document their final wishes in a non-threatening, life-affirming way. We encourage everyone to take a sharp look at this method and perhaps document in your own way final wishes and directives for the last gathering.   


It's also assumed that you've been working with a funeral home director. Even perhaps, a faith leader or not, on the internment. Where ever you are in this challenging process, we are here for you and can offer recommendations. Again, feel free to call us at 301-587-6267 or 202-957-4447 as we know time is of the essence. 


PICKING A VENUE: Picking a venue is really where it all starts. We recommend that you have your location for your celebration picked out before choosing an invitation date. Things to factor in are availability dates, pricing, size and capacity, amenities, location, parking, rules, and terms. If you need help in locating a venue, please contact us if you wish to have us be your agent. Venue resources will also be in the Resources section of this website. 


PICKING A DATE: Picking a date is predicated on your desired date, venue, and vendor (including Inremember) availability, and weather. Obviously, if the wish to have an outside celebration means summer, spring, or fall here on the East Coast. But do keep in mind that working with Inremember - anything is possible. We can arrange for heated or air-conditioned tents for off-site events. When you contact us using our Contact form or call us at 301-587-6267 or 202-957-4447, you'll probably have your date and venue lined up. And again, if you need our help, that's what we're here for. 


HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?: That's a difficult question for both of us. Until we fully understand the scope of the job, what you want, and what you need, we really don't know. Let's have that conversation. We also have a survey/questionnaire we can ask over the phone or send to you that will give us an exact image of what you're envisioning. 


HOW LONG SHOULD THE CELEBRATION/MEMORIAL LAST?: That's another difficult question to answer because every single celebration of life event is unique and personalized. But the reality is everything comes with a price which is based on time. We typically see a six-hour special event consisting of the setup, the celebration (with a memorial in the middle), reception, and strike (or takedown and cleanup). Your venue will be able to help you here with their recommendations. Below is an infographic that might help you visualize all of the moving parts and what's involved. 
















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