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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

What is a good death? More Americans are starting to think about what a good death will look like which includes end-of-life plans. So much about death is agonizingly unknowable: When. Where. Covid-19,Lymphoma or lightning strike. But there are still dimensions of the experience under our control. For some, it's a compassionate act to provide your family directives, making it easier on them by putting all of your wishes in writing of how you would like your life to he honored and celebrated. For others, pre-planning is a safety net and a personal rebellion against accepting the soulless, one-size-fits-all that society deals us. The possibility that other people would make the wrong decisions when we die is becoming a thing of cultural change. 

Give us a call at 301-587-6267 if you want to have a chat. We would be only too glad to share some thoughts, our experience, or show you what your options are. Here are some terrific links that might help you design your own celebration and good death:



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