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Living Memorials for Pets

Affordable and sustainably responsible ways to honor a companion. 

Cremated Ashes (both human and pets) are toxic to most plants. That's because, during the cremation process, sodium and alkalinity are condensed into the bone remains (ashes).


Plants can't thrive in that pH. So, it has to be amended by mixing ashes with the right ratio of Let Your Love Grow medium.  

The number one question everyone asks once they learn about this is, "Why didn't I know this before?" Because, no one really thought it out until now with a team of top forensic, topology, plant, and anthropology scientists. 

Everything right now depends on our soil health. Our soil nourishes us, keeps us healthy, feeds us, and draws down carbon and methane. And if done in an Eco-responsible way, healthy soil can return our remains back to the Earth which can create or regenerate soil to sustain microbes, beneficial bacteria, fungi, and the biome that sustains life.  

Better than soil: LET YOU LOVE GROW is a an organic, Eco-responsible soil accelerator that jump-starts the microbiol process of turning ash back in to soil. 

Our medium, (if you follow our no-fail directions), helps to get you past the 

hurdle of responsible disposition of ashes back into nature. 


Planting a tree, bush or house plant, or spreading ashes in the woods, of a pet or loved one should be done with love and and respect for nature, is something you will never regret. We all have a responsibility to do things right. Our product, Let Your Love Grow helps make a sad thing a little better.  



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*Cremation ash has a very high pH (alkaline) and a high level of sodium (200 to 2000 times what plant life can tolerate) which is detrimental to plant growth. LYLG is specially formulated to lower the pH and dilute the sodium while unlocking the nutrients within the ash, making the cremation ash a nutrient for the plant and enhancement for the soil. For more information on the science behind Let Your Love Grow, go to

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Let Your Love Grow is proprietary organic mixture that blends soil and ash to create a nourishing environment scientifically proven to support plant life. Whether you want to plant a living memorial for your loved one or scatter their ashes across a favorite place, LYLG helps you usher them into a new life.

Proven, and used Internationally for over ten years, LYLG is unlike any other green burial product available. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have. 




A Case Example

Our Let Your Love Grow medium is trusted and used in the National Cathedral 

All Souls Memorial Garden. 



Burial Company  

A Case Example


Our Let Your Love Grow medium is trusted and used by the Woodland Burial Company, Stapleford, Nottingham,

United Kingdom  

We are accepting orders via phone and email. Please contact us by calling us at 301-587-6267 or email us here so we can help you pick the right size kit for your needs or answer any of your questions. Our unique and all natural medium for people and our pet companions are available to the public, horticulturists, green burial preserves, houses of worship, and to the trade. 



This Small kit is ideal for:

  • Larger potted plants

  • Outdoor patio plants

  • 100% natural bio-degradable canister that can be used for an urn

  • Canister is 6.5" long

  • Free Shipping 




This Medium kit is ideal for:

  • Bushes and Perennials

  • Small trees

  • 100% natural bio-degradable canister that can be used as an urn 

  • Canister is 9.5" long

  • Free Shipping 




This  Large kit is ideal for:

  • Spreading or burying all ashes  

  • Tall trees

  • 100% natural bio-degradable canister that can be used as an urn

  • Canister is 16.5" long

  • Free shipping 


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