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Ashes to Ashes


Mix LYLG with cremated remains to create a perfectly balanced substance for the environment. Now you’re free to explore several eco-friendly memorial options.

As the saying goes. When we scatter or bury our loved ones’ cremation ash, we do so with the belief that they will nurture the earth just as they nurtured our spirits. Science indicates, however, that the old saying is true: ashes placed into the earth will remain ashes forever. And that’s bad news for our environment. 


Let Your Love Grow is an organic mixture that blends soil and ash to create a nourishing environment scientifically proven to support plant life. Whether you want to plant a living memorial for your loved one or scatter their ashes across a favorite place, LYLG helps you usher them into a new life.

Inremember is a authorized wholesaler and distributor of the LYLG family of products. 
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