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Personalized Celebrations of Life

Streaming Funerals and Memorials 

We help families create one-of-a-kind life celebrations that can happen anywhere, any time, before or after death. We have the resources, expertise, and practical knowledge that you can trust.

When do you need Inremember: 

Many families are choosing small services or gatherings in order to be compliant with the COVID-19 restrictions set forth on gatherings in the Greater Washington,DC, and Baltimore Area. 
Inremember helps to plan and orchestrate streaming video of these small gatherings thus allowing those who cannot physically attend to be there.  
Our video streaming service includes both recording and archiving. The archived footage can be combined with edited remembrances and shared. 



 25 years of


With or without time-honored rituals of faith, and working with or without a funeral director or celebrant, we provide the foundation, blueprint, and all the resources needed for families to create meaningful and compassionate storytelling without rules or without judgment.

There's a grassroots movement taking place where families are taking control of after-death care and moving away from industry-led and standardized funerals and services. 


More and more families are seeking self-directed off-site gatherings that seems ancient, sensible, and sustainable. With children playing and family dogs, laughing, beer and wine, jeans, tee-shirts or optional black and some tears, we can help you create a sacred space of gratitude, healing, and love. 

how to begin

The first step is always the hardest. Give us a call for some ideas on next steps.  

What we do

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From venues to caterers to celebrants. Books, links, and so much more.  

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