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Covid, Grief, and Remembrance with Eric Cathcart - The Phychology Talk Podcast (New)

August 17, 2021|COVID-19, Death and Dying, Grief

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected the lives of all of us over the past two years. More potently, the effect of the pandemic on how we say good bye to loved ones. In this episode, Dr. Hoye re-visits these issues with Eric Cathcart.

Eric is the owner of InRemeber, an end-of-life celebration event planning company. They discuss developments over the past year, and the current state of affairs with the regards to how we are experiencing grief, and remembering our loved ones in this time of change and crisis.

Click on the below link to listen to the episode:

Eric Cathcart, Founder and Director, Inremember, Funeral Producers and Planners for personalized Celebrations of Life Memorials
Eric Cathcart, Founder and Director,

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