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We're Here For You

We're sorry for your loss. And we know that planning a celebration of life memorial during grief can be overwhelming and draining. We are here to help you honor their final wishes and get all of the details taken care of. You'll quickly find that we really care and can help you as little or as much as needed.


For most of our client families, planning a celebration can be incredibly therapeutic. It's a creative act, and part of that experience is to create new rituals.


Because we are creatives ourselves (as well as highly experienced special event professionals), we can make pretty much anything you desire happen. Anywhere. On a boat, beach, backyard, botanical garden, historic site or mansion, farm, barn, museum, art gallery, movie theater, concert hall, distillery, winery, woods, or on top of a mountain. We have the expertise to make your loved one's wishes possible.  

Please give us a call on 301-587-6267 or our

cell# 202-957-4447. You can also email Eric Cathcart, 

Director and Sr. Producer"> 


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