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Personalized Celebrations of Life Memorials  

Inremember provides new services and creative solutions that help families celebrate the story of loved ones' lives, end-of-life planning, valuable resources, and deep experience in event planning.

A celebration of life memorial is a unique and personalized event or ceremony that honors and remembers someone who has died; it can include elements that reflect the person's personality, interests, and life story and provide closure and peace for the loved ones left behind. It is a way to celebrate the person's life and legacy rather than focusing solely on their death. 
The most important thing is that the celebration of life is tailored to the person's unique qualities, and it is a way to say goodbye in a personal and meaningful way. In addition, this process can bring closure and a sense of peace to the family and friends left behind. Inremember is here to provide you with as little or as much support you need. Including: Audio-Video, Streaming, Logistics, and someone who deeply cares about helping you tell the story of a life. 

When do you need Inremember: 

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There's a global movement where families take control of after-death care and move away from industry-led and standardized funerals and services. Instead, many families today opt to celebrate life memorial 'off-site' (other than a funeral home or house of worship). Off-site is our specialty. These third places can happen on a farm, barn, woods, botanical garden, historic mansion, beach, boat, retreat, museum, art gallery, movie theatre, backyard, park, concert venue, country club, restaurant, or anywhere.   

With or without time-honored rituals of faith and working with or without a funeral director or celebrant, we provide the foundation, blueprint, support, and resources needed for families to create a meaningful space to share photos and swap stories while in grief and loss. And a safe space that can happen any place at any time. In addition, because we are a professional event production company, you will get pristine audio and video for in-person or hybrid memorials to help support your narrative.

Because we don't provide the same package for every family, and every situation is unique, we will give you a quote based on how much help you need us to take on. Simply put, we provide options, alternatives, and solutions most families never knew existed before. 


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